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Our Story

From #1 Rider to #1 Realtor

Equine Mogul was founded by renowned Equestrian Property Specialist, Nichole McCaig. Nichole grew up on a 10-acre hobby farm in Ann Arbor, approximately 10 minutes from the University of Michigan. Nichole started riding horses as a toddler, and now has over 30 years of experience in the equine industry. In 1993, Nichole was #1 youth in the country showing Pintos. In 2004, as an Amateur showing Paint horses, Nichole ranked #5 in the country on APHA’s Top 20 Amateur list.

Nichole decided to enter the real estate industry in 2006. After a few years of working for a very large brokerage, Nichole co-founded a small boutique brokerage called Visible Homes. As a boutique brokerage, the philosophy has been to stay small and specialized. In 2014, Nichole decided to implement specialized marketing and services for the equestrian property market. By 2016, Nichole was the #1 equestrian property agent in Michigan, and has held that title since! 

Within a couple years, Nichole's marketing gained so much traction it was hitting a national audience. This resulted in Realtors from all over the country seeking her advice on how to get started selling equestrian properties. While Nichole loves to help people, the truth is that one phone call wouldn't even scratch the surface on how to get started. To assist other agents in becoming dominant in the equestrian property market, Nichole decided to launch the coaching program Equine Mogul.

Become an Equestrian Property Mogul

Coaching Overview

The Equine Mogul coaching program is unlike anything the industry has ever seen! It is free of all the rah-rah motivational methods that many coaching programs heavily lean on. It is also much more effective than the “one size fits all” online courses. The Equine Mogul program utilizes proven techniques, which are then customized to your strengths, budget and market conditions through one-on-one coaching.

Every real estate team should consider having an Equestrian Property Specialist. Not only do equestrian properties typically have much higher sales prices than residential properties, but there is less of a threat from technology companies and discount brokerages. It is also a way to expand your real estate business into many areas, as equestrian property sellers are more likely to use an out of area agent. For example, Nichole is one of the only Agents in Michigan who has had million dollar listings in 5 different counties over the past 12 months.

What's Covered?

Here is a small snapshot on what the Equine Mogul coaching program will consist of:

  1. In-Depth Market Research
  2. How to Land Equestrian Property Listing Appointments
  3. How to Create a Winning Listing Presentation
  4. How to Market Your Equestrian Property Listings
  5. How to Find New Equestrian Property Buyers
  6. Access to the Highly Coveted Visible Homes Referral Network


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of return on my investment should I expect?

    If the Equine Mogul coaching program is followed properly, you should be able to have a major return on your investment. While we understand each market is different, it is a very real possibility to average $15,000 commissions per closing. In some areas, it will be significantly higher. 

  • Do I need to have a horse background?

    Our program is definitely easier to implement if you have a background in the equine industry. However, in the right situation, we will take on coaching clients without an equine background. 

  • When can I expect my first closing?

    We will have a market research session, which will help us determine a realistic timeline for obtaining closings in your market conditions. 

  • How long do I need to be in the coaching program?

    We require a one year commitment, although we reccomend at least two years of coaching.

  • How does the referral program work?

    Visible Homes receives inquiries all over the country from buyers and sellers of equestrian properties. All of the Equine Mogul coaching clients have the option to receive referrals from Visible Homes for a 29% referral fee.

  • How do I know if this program is for me?

    It is important for us to only sign up clients who will benefit from our coaching program. Prior to enrollment, we will conduct a phone call with you free of charge to make sure our program will be beneficial to your career.

Training Fees

Agent Coaching

  • Monthly Installments of $1,250
  • 12 Month Contract
  • 26 Coaching Phone Calls
  • Coaching Calls 60 Mins Each
  • Lock-in Exclusive Territory
  • Market Research
  • Creating Prospect List
  • Social Media Concepts
  • Land Listing Appointments
  • Listing Presentations
  • Win Listings
  • How To Market Properties
  • Working w/ Buyers

Brokerage Training

  • Pricing Starts at $10,000
  • In-house Training
  • Must Schedule at Least 90 Days in Advance
  • Training Materials Provided

Listing Consultation

  • Prep For Listing Appointment
  • Learn How To Market a Property
  • Ask Anything You Want
  • 60 Min Call

Why Choose Equine Mogul

Nichole McCaig
Equine Mogul - Founder

I strongly encourage you to complete the form below for a FREE consultation! When I first entered the real estate business, I did not even think of utilizing my background as an equestrian. For several years I was selling traditional homes and working around the clock. Then I started to see in the market place that the average equestrian property was selling for much higher than the average traditional home. At that point in time, I shifted my business plan and within 2-3 years I became the #1 equestrian property agent in Michigan and my income soared. We want to teach you how to get the same results!

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